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Verbs + prepositions followed by the gerund.

If a verb + preposition, adjective + preposition, noun + preposition, or preposition alone is followed directly by a verb, the verb will always be in the gerund form.  (Apabila verb + preposition, adjective + preposition, noun + preposition, atau preposition yang berdiri sendiri dan diikuti oleh sebuah kata kerja, maka kata kerja harus dalam bentuk gerund. (verb+ing).

The following list consists of verbs + preposition. (berikut adalah kata-kata kerja + preposition):

  • approve of
  • give up
  • rely on
  • worry about
  • be better off
  • insist on
  • succeed in
  • count on
  • keep on
  • think about
  • depend on
  • putt off
  • think of

The following expressions cotain the preposition to. The word to in these expressions must notbe confused with the to in the infinitive. These verb + preposition expressions must also be followed by the gerund:

  • object to
  • look forward to
  • confess to

Examples of sentences:

  1. John gave up  smoking because of his doctor’s advice.
  2. Mary insisted on  taking the bus instead of the plane.
  3. Fred confessed to stealing the jewels.
  4. We are not looking forward to going back to school.
  5. Henry is thinking of going to France in August.
  6. You would be better of leaving  now instead of tomorrow.

More coming on my next posting…………

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