I am a woman of 72 — a happy mum and granny of 5 children (one passed away in 1968) and 4 grandsons, who wanna keep brain in an active way to avoid absent-minded disease or illness. Had been working for 23 years with Unicef, an International Organization in Jakarta. Had been abroad for several months on specific assignment from Unicef to assist with some tasks in administration and secretarial functions in Unicef Hanoi, Vietnam in 1983. On the way to Hanoi stayed a few weeks in Bangkok and Manila, the Philippines. Went to colledge for several years (without diploma) in Faculty of Law, University of Krisnadwipayana; some years attended an English Academy in Jakarta. (no diploma). Like learning something new about anything.

I like to improve my English capability and skill. So I did on purpose to register on WordPress and manage a blog entitled: Be With Me To Learn English. This blog is aimed at either beginners ( who has learned English at school) or people who wants to keep their brains always in a fresh memory about English. I used to give lessons to students from grades 5 up to 10 on a voluntarily basis; gave conversation short course to people who is going to be abroad.

Last but not least: I am not a permanent English teacher. I like English and will alwlays go forward to improving it as long as I can manage to do it.


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