Conversation in Context (3 of 5)

13 May

Note: I did it on purpose —  giving you some conversations in context. Please read them several times and treat them as DRILLINGS. I hope all of you can imagine why the conversation entitled: A TALKATIVE OLD LADY. Check it out from the conversation below.


(The information office in a railway station. We can hear the sounds of trains coming and going and announcements over the loudspeakers).

OLD LADY: Good afternoon. I’d like some information about the trains, please.

CLERK: Yes, madam. Which train? Where are you going?

OLD LADY: To Bournemouth. You see, I have a sister there and…….

CLERK: So your question is “When’s the next train to Bournemouth?”. Is that right?

OLD LADY: Yes, that’s right. When’s the next train to Bournemouth, please?

CLERK: At half past four. That’s in about a minute.

OLD LADY: Thank you very much. Oh! Can I get something to eat on the train? I always have something to eat when I travel. I find that a cup of tea and a sandwich always help my nerves.

CLERK: Yes, madam. There’s a buffet car on the train.

OLE LADY: Oh, good! Er……how much does a cup of tea cost?

CLERK I’m not sure, madam. Eightpence, I think.

OLD LADY: Eightpence! Oh dear! Things are getting so expensive!

CLERK: Yes, madam. Your train’s going to leave in half a minute now..

OLD LADY: Thank you. Oh! Which platform does it leave from?

CLERK: Platform 13.

OLD LADY: Platform 13!! Oh, dear! I never travel on trains that leave from platform 13! 13’s an unlucky number. When’s the next train after the 4.30?



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