Conversation in context (2 of 5)

21 Mar

I am sure that all of you are familiar with the using of  daily conversations for many occasions. For those who are not, the following examples might be useful for you:


  • You: Hello, is that 35819?
  • Voice: Yes.
  • You: May I speak to Mrs. Ibrahim, please?
  • Voice: Yes. Who’s speaking, please?
  • You: My name is ……………(say your name is Ali Rahman).
  • Voice: One moment please, Mr. Rahman

Dialling the wrong number:

  • You:lHello, is Mr. Woods there, please?
  • Voice: What number do you want:
  • You: 8759.
  • Voice: This is 8758.
  • You: I’m sorry. I dialled the wrong number.
Calling back:
  • Voice: Is that Modern Office Equipment?
  • You: Yes.
  • Voice: Could I speak to Mrss Jones, please
  • You: I’m sorry. She’s out. Could you call back at three thirty?
  • Voice: All right. Thank you.

Asking for someone:

  • A: Could/May I speak to Miss Cramer? OR: Is Miss Cramer there, please?
  • B: Yes, Just a moment, please/May I know who’s speaking, please?/Who shall I say is calling?
  • A: It’s Tony Hayes speaking/This is Tony Hayes.
  • B: A moment, please.
  • A: Thank you.


Please practise those daily conversation context and  ways to say it in your own examples.

———————-Bear in mind that PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT———————-

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