19 Mar

Hereunder are ways to say it when you introducing people to a friend, others or finding out people’s names:


  • A: Tony, this Anne.
  • B: Hi, how are you?
  • C: Fine, thanks


  • A: This is a colleague of mine/one of my colleagues, Frank Hill.
  • B: How do you do?
  • C: Nice to meet you.

Or you can do it in another way like the following:

  • A: I’d like you to meet/This is, Mr. Jones.
  • B: How do you do, Mr. Jones? My name’s Jim Wilson.
  • C: Nice to meet you.

OR: this way:

  • A: Do you know/Have you met, Terry?
  • B: No, I don’t/No, I haven’t
  • A: Terry, this is Wendy.
  • C: Hi/Hello.


  • A: Excuse me. Are you Dick Hammond?
  • B: That’s right/No, I’m not/No, I’m Ted Thorp. And what did you say your name was?
  • A: I’m Graham Kennedy.


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