Conversation in context (1 of 5)

19 Mar

I am going to shere with you something deal with daily conversation. Most of you must have known all about it, but some of you musn’t. That’s why hereunder I quote something that you might need for your imporving skill of English. Please practise using them with your friend(s).



A: Hi, Tony.

B: Hi.

A: How’s everything with you?

B Fine, thanks.


A: Hi, Elizabeth.

B: Oh hello, Peter. How are you:

A: Fin, thanks. And you?

B: Good, thanks.

(3)  Terry speaks to one of his friends at the office:

Terry: Oh hi, Caroline.

Caroline: Hello, Terry. How;s everything?

Terry: Fine, thanks.

Caroline: How was your weekend, Terry?

Terry: It was super, thanks. I went to the beach.

Caroline: Lucky you!.

(4) At the office:

Terry: Good morning, Mrs. Williams.

Mrs. Williams: Good morning, Mr. Griffin. (Terry’s name is: Terry Griffin).

Terry: How are you this morning?

Mrs. Williams: Very well, thank you.

Terry: Did you have a nice weekend?

Mrs. Williams: Yes, thank you.

(5) At a restaurant:

Waiter: Good evening, sir.

Terry: Good evening. A table for two, please.

Waiter: Certainly, sir. Please come with me.

Terry: Thank you.

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