Comparisons (Continuation – final).

05 Mar
Nouns can also be used in comparisons.  Be sure to use the determiners correctly depending on whether the adjectives are countable or non-coountable ( My free translations for you: Kata-kata benda juga bisa digunakan sebagai perbanding, tetapi harus hati-hati menggunakan kata menunjuk yang tepat, apakah adjective itu
“dapat” dihitung atau “tidak dapat” dihitung.
Look at the following formula:

subject + verb + as + {many/much/little/few} + noun + as + {noun/pronoun}


subject + verb + {more/fewer/less} + noun + than + {noun/pronoun}

Examples of sentences:

  • I have more books than she.
  • February has fewer days than March.
  • He earns as much money as his brother.
  • They have as few classes as we.
  • Before payday, I have as little money as my borther.


An illogical comparisons is one in which unlike entities have been compared. Be sure that the items being compared are the same. These forms can be divided into three categories: possessives, that of  and those of. (Disebut perbandingan illogical karena membandingkan dua hal yang sama sekali berbeda. 

Compare the following sentences:

Incorrect: His drawings are as perfect as his instructor. (This sentence compares drawings with instructor.)

Correct: His drawings are as perfect as his instructor’s (instructor’s = instructor’s drawings.) (This sentence compares “his drawings” and “instructor’s drawings”. (Inilah kalimat yang benar karena yang dibandingkan adalah “lukisan-lukisannya” dan “lukisan-lukisan Istructor).


  1. The salary of a professor is higher than a secretary. (This sentence compares salary with secretary).
  2. The duties of a policeman are more dangeerous than a teacher. (This sentence compare duties with teacher.)

The correct sentences:

  1. The salary of a professor is higher than that of a secretary. (that of = the salary of).
  2. The duties of a policeman are more dangerous than those of a teacher (those of = the duties of).

Examples of logical comparisons:

  • John’s car runs better than Mary’s. (Mary’s = Mary’s car).
  • The climate in Florida is as mild as that of California. (that of = the climate of).
  • Classes in the university are more difficult than those in the college. (those in = the classes in).
  • The baskel ball games at the university are better than those of  the high school.
  • Your accent is not as strong as my mother’s (my mother’s = my mother’s accent).
  • My sewing machine is better than Jane’s (Jane’s = Jane’s sewing machine).

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  1. Puteriamirillis

    March 5, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    waah bunda i like it…

    • ycancerina

      March 6, 2012 at 11:50 am

      Thank you Puteriamirillis. We both do like it. Let’s learn together.


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