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Comparisons indicate degrees of difference with adjectives and adverbs, and may be equal or unequal. (My free translation for you: “Perbandingan menunjukkan tingkat perbandingan yang menggunakan kata adjectives dan adverbs. Dalam hal ini bisa merupakan “persamaan” atau “ke-tidak-samaan”).

Equal comparisons: An equal comparison indicates that the two entities are (or are not if negative) exactly, the same. The following rule generally applies to this type of comparison. The following rule generally applies to this type of comparison.  (Perbandingan persamaan menunjukkan bahwa dua kesatuan adalah benar-benar sama atau mungkin juga, apabila dalam bentuk “negative”, tidak sama. Formula yang berikut umumnya berlaku untuk tingkat perbandingan seperti ini).

subject + verb + as + {adjective/adverb} + as + {noun/pronoun}.

NOTE: Sometimes you may see SO instead of AS before the adjective or adverb in negative comparisons..

  • He is not as tall as his father.


  • He is not so tall as his father.

NOTE: Remember that the subject form of the pronoun will always be used after AS in correct English. Look at the examples:

Peter is as tall as I.

You are as old as she.

Examples of equal comparisons:

  • My book is as interesting as yours. l(ajdective)
  • His car runs as fast as a race car. (adverb).
  • John sings as well as his sister. (adverb).
  • Their house is as big as that one. (adjective).
  • His job is not as difficult as mine (adjective)  OR: His job is not so difficult as mine. (adjective).
  • They are as lucky as we. (adjective).

The same idea can also be conveyed in another way  (Bisa juga ide disampaikan ldengan cara lain):

Subject + verb + the same + (noun) + as + {noun/pronoun).

NOTE: As high as = the same height as.

The following adjectives and their corresponding nouns are listed and be sure in using them: (Berikut adalah ADJECTIVES dengan perubahannya menjadi NOUNS.  Harap diperhatikan dalam penggunaannya).

         ADJECTIVES:                                          NOUNS.

  1. heavy, light                                         weight.
  2. wide, narrow                                       width
  3. deep, shallow                                      depth
  4. long, short                                           length
  5. big, small                                            size.

Remember that the opposite of the same as is different from. NEVER use different than. (Harap diingat bahwa lawan kata dari “the same as” adalah  “different from“. JANGAN pernah menggunakan kata “different than).

Examples of the same as and different from:

  • These trees are the same as those.
  • He speaks the same language as she.
  • Her address is the same as Rita’s.
  • Their teacher is different from   our.
  • My typewriter types the same as yours.
  • She takes the same courses as her husband.

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