Some Expressions — Indonesian – English (1)

30 Jan

Starting from now on I am going to share with you some Indonesian expressions. Similar meaning in English, not, repeat, not translations to those Indonesian Expressions will also be given.

I invite you to practise your spoken English with me. My phone numbers: yati rachmat, 0813 856 49 658 or 0857 829 32 590. Come on! Try it NOW OR NEVER.

  1. Ada apa? = What’s up?
  2. Ada yang ingin ketemu kamu. = Someone wants to see you.
  3. Ada yang datang. = Someone’s coming.
  4. Ada yang bilang kepadaku (sama aku). = Someone was telling me. (Someone told me).
  5. Disini gak ada siapa-siapa, kecuali aku. = No one’s here,  but me.
  6. Sementara ini belum ada. = I haven’t got any so far.
  7. Emangnya in ada apa? = What’s it all about?
  8. Nggak ada lagi? = Is that all?
  9. Dia ada di belakang. = He’s at the back.
  10. Daripada nggak ada apa-apa. = Instead of nothing.
  11. Kertas tiknya masih ada? = Is there anymore typing paper?
  12. Aku selalu ada setiap saat kamu butuhkan aku. = I’m always there for you.
  13. Ngadat lagi. = Mulai ngadat lagi nih! =It’s acting up again.
  14. Dia lagi ngadat = She’s acting up.
  15. Ajak aku, ya? = Take me along.
  16. Akal sehat. = Common sense.
  17. Itu nggak masuk akal. = It doesn’t make a sense.
  18. Itu masuk akal. = It makes a sense.
  19. Selalu akan ada alasan. = There’s going to be a reason.
  20. Aman nggak? = Is it clear?


(From NOW or NEVER by Eddy M.Yusuf S.)

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