Know/Know How.

14 Jan

Study the following rules concerning the use of the verb know. Know how is usually used to indicate that one has the skill or ability to do somethingt. Thus, it is usually followed by a verb, the verb must b in the infinitive.Coba perhatikan rule yang berikut ini tentang menggunakan kata kerja know. Know how digunakan untuk menyatakan bahwa seseorang itu memiliki atau mempunyai suatu keahlian. Jadi biasanya diikuti dengan kata kerja infinitive.

subject + know how + {verb in infinitive}

e.g. Bill knows how to play tennis well.

Know by itself, on the other hand, is usually followed by a noun, a prepositional phrase, or a sentence.

subject + know + {noun, prepositional phrase, sentence}

e.g. No one knows about Roy’s accepting the new position.

Examples of sentences:

  • Maggie and her sister know how to prepare Chinese food.
  • Do you know how to get to Jerry’s house from here?
  • Jason knew the answer o the teacher’s question.
  • I didn’t that you were going to France.



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