Used To.

26 Dec


In this stage, the expression used to means the same as would. Used to is always in this form; it can NEVER be use to Also, there are two grammar rules for used to.  Notice the difference in meaning as well as in grammar.(Disini, used to sama artinya dengan would. Bentuk used to adalah baku, jadi tidak pernah digunakan bentuk use to. Dalam tata bahasa Inggris ada dua macam rule tentang penggunaan used to. Coba perhatian contoh-contoh berikut ini:

subject + used to + {verb in simple form} …………

e.g. When David was young, he used to swim once a day (pass time habit).

subject + {be/get} + used to + {verb + ing}……..

John is used to swimming every day. (He became accustomed to swimming every day)

John got used to swimming every day. (———–ditto————–)

Note: Be used to means to be accustomed to, and get used to means to become accustomed to.(be used to = be accustomed to = kebiasaan; get used to = become accustomed to = menjadi kebiasaan).

Examples of sentences:

  • The program director used to write his own letters. (past time habit=kebiasaan/biasanya)
  • George is used to eating at 7.00 P.M. (is accustomed to = biasanya).
  • We got used to cooking our own food when we had to live alone. (became accustomed to = menjadi kebiasaan)
  • Mary was used to driving to school (was accustomed to)
  • The government is used to reading his newspaper in the morning. (is accustomed to).


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Source:Cliffs’ Note.

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