17 Nov


Remember that, when forming a question, one must place the auxiliary or the verb be before the subject. If there is no auxiliary or be, one must use the correct form of do, does, or did.  After doe, does, or did, the simple form of the verb must be used. The tense and person are only shown by this auxiliary, not by the main verb. (Dalam membentuk sebuah pertanyaan ingatlah bahwa kita harus menempatkan kata kerja bantu atau kata kerja BE sebelum subjek. Apabila tidak ada kata kerja bantu atau BE, maka harus menggunakan do, does atau did, dalam hal ini maka bentuk kata kerja asal harus digunakan setelah do, does or did tersebut). Yang berperan dalam kalimat tanya adalah auxiliary . 

Please note the following modal auxiliaries:

  • will
  • would (used to)
  • can
  • could
  • may
  • might
  • shall
  • should (ought to) (had better)
  • must (have to)
  • had

Examples of questions for which the answer is YES or NO:


auxiliary/be/do, does, did  + subject + verb.

  • Is Mary going to school today?
  • Was Mark sick yesterday?
  • Have you seen this movie before?
  • Will the committee decide on the proposal today?
  • Do you want to use the telephone?
  • Does George like  peanut butter?
  • Did you go to class yesterday?



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