Exercises: Verbs as Complements.

28 Oct

Choose the correct form of the verb in parentheses in the following sentences:

  1. The teacher decided (accepting/to accept) the paper.
  2. They appreciate (to have/having)this information.
  3. His father doesn’t approve of his (going/to go)to Europe.
  4. We found it very difficult (reaching/to reach) a decision.
  5. Donna is interested in (to open/opening) a bar.
  6. George has no intention of (to leave/leaving) the city now.
  7. We are eager (to return/returning) to school in the fall.
  8. You would be better off  (to buy/buying) this car.
  9. She refused (to accept/accepting) the gift.
  10. Mary regrets (to be/being) the one to have to tell him.
  11. George pretended (to be/being) sick yesterday.
  12. Carlos hopes (to finish/finishing) his thesis this year.
  13. They agreed  (to leave/leaving) early.
  14. Helen was anxious (to tell/telling) her family about her promotion.
  15. We are not ready (to stop/stopping) this research at this time.
  16. Henry shouldn’t risk (to drive/driving)so fast.
  17. He demands (to know/knowing) what is going on.
  18. She is looking forward to (retun/returning) to her country.
  19. There is no excuse for (to leaving/leaving)the room in this condition.
  20. Gerald returned to his home after (to leave/leaving) the game.


Answers  for the above exercises:

  1. to accept
  2. having
  3. going
  4. to reach
  5. opening
  6. leaving
  7. to return
  8. buying
  9. to accept
  10. being
  11. to be
  12. to finish
  13. to leave
  14. to tell
  15. to stop
  16. driving
  17. to know
  18. returning
  19. leaving
  20. leaving

E n j o y    y o u r    d a y.

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