Exercises: Pronouns with Verbs as Complements.

28 Oct


Choose the correct form of the pronoun in each of the following sentences:


  1. Richard is expecting (us/our) to go to class tomorrow.
  2. You shouldn’t rely on (him/his) calling you in the morning.
  3. They don’t approve of (us/our) leaving early.
  4. George asked (me/my) to call him last night.
  5. We understand (him/his) having to leave early.
  6. John resented (George/George’s) losing the paper.
  7. We object to (the defense attorney/the defense attorney’s) calling the extra witness.
  8. We are expecting (Henry/Henry’s) to call us.
  9. They are looking forward to (us/our) visiting them.
  10. Susan regrets (John/John’s) being in trouble.


With your efforts you can reach anything.

Answers to the above exercises:

  1. us
  2. his
  3. our
  4. me
  5. his
  6. George’s
  7. the defense attorney’s
  8. Henry
  9. our
  10. John’s




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3 responses to “Exercises: Pronouns with Verbs as Complements.

  1. Abed Saragih

    October 28, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    Saya datang lagi nih bun… ke blog bunda….

    gmna bun belajar ngetik tadi udah bisa lancar belum hehehhe 🙂

    Salam kenal ya bunda 🙂

  2. ycancerina

    October 30, 2011 at 8:06 am

    Abed, makasih banget udah mau mampir lagi. Soal mengetik? A piece of cake-lah, not bad for a 72 granny with 57 words per minute, hehehehehe…tapi soal WordPress nih yang payah. Bunda cuma bisanya posting, posting and posting melulu, tanpa tahu apa itu RSS dlsb. Gimana ya? Pengen banget bisa WordPress. Arahannya donk, Abed. What should I do? Gimana mau put a hit for traffic di blog nih. (md2an istilahnya betul, hehehe…). Makasih banyak.

  3. ycancerina

    November 15, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Abed, btw bunda ikutan juga typing speed test di blognya pakdhe Cholik di dan hasilnya 68 words/per minutes. Kemajuan ya.


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