Adjectives + prepositions followed by the gerund.

14 Oct

By providing you with the Indonesian translation of the words given, I hope you will understand the meaning of the examples of sentences listed below.

The following adjectives + prepositions are also followed by the gerund:

  1. accustomed to  (biasa/terbiasa)
  2. intent on (berniat/bermaksud)
  3. afraid of (takut pada/akan)
  4. interested in (tertarik untuk)
  5. capable of (mampu untuk/bisa untuk)
  6. successful in (berhasil dalam/sukses dalam)
  7. fond of (suka/menyukai)
  8. tired of (bosan/jemu akan)
  9. addicted to (kecanduan/ketagihan)
  10. disappointed with (kecewa akan)
  11. excited about (senang/gembira akan)
  12. involved in (terlibat dalam)
  13. responsible for (bertanggung-jawab akan/untuk)
  14. frightened of (takut akan/pada)
  15. proud of (bangga)


Examples of sentences:

  1. I am accustomed to having my own office.
  2. Alvaro is intent on finishing school next year.
  3. John is afraid of getting married now.
  4. She is interested in seeing this film
  5. She is capable of  winning one of the awards
  6. She is successful in finalizing her tasks.
  7. Jean is fond of dancing.
  8. She is tired of baby-sitting the old woman every night.
  9. Henry is addicted to drinking wine.
  10. Marry is disappointed with coming in the third place.
  11. She is so excited about going to New York.
  12. He is involved in making the movie.
  13. He is responsible for causing the fight.
  14. My sister is frightened of being alone at night in her own room.
  15. I am proud of being her son.



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