Exercise: PRONOUNS

30 Sep

Let me have this opportunity of today to give you some exercises on what I have shared with you about PRONOUNS.

Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan memberikan beberapa latihan bagi anda tentang pelajaran yang telah saya berikan diwaktu lalu, yaitu PRONOUNS.

If you so required, you can check the answer key in my INBOX. Tell me how far can you do it. Thank you. Apabila anda berkenan, kunci jawaban bisa dilihat di INBOX saya. Beritahu saya seberapa jauh anda bisa mengerjakan latihan tsb. Terima kasih. Dengan berlatih kita menjadi mahir.

Exercise: PRONOUNS

Circle the correct form of the Pronoun or possessive adjective in the following sentences:

  1. I go to school with (he/him) every day.
  2. I see (she/her/herself) at the Union every Friday.
  3. She speaks to (we/us/ourselves) every morning.
  4. Isn’t (she/her) a nice person?
  5. (He/Him)is going to New York on vacation.
  6. (She/Her) and John gave the money to the boy.
  7. (Yours/Your) record is scratched and (my/mine) is too.
  8. I hurt (my/mine/the) leg.
  9. John bought (himself/herself/hisself) a new coat.
  10. (We/Us) girls are going camping over the weekend.
  11. Mr. Jones cut (hisself/himself) shaving.
  12. We like (our/ours) new car very much.
  13. The dog bit (she/her) on the leg.
  14. John (he/himself) went to the meeting.
  15. You’ll stick (you/your/yourself) with the pins if you are not careful.
  16. Mary and (I/me) would rather go to the movies.
  17. Everyone has to do (their/his) own research.
  18. Just between you and (I/me), I don’t like this food.
  19. Monday is a holiday for (we/us) teachers.
  20. (Her/Hers) car does not go as fas as (our/ours).
Answer key
1. him
2. her
3. us
4. she
5. he
6. she
7. your
8. my
9. himself

No Try No Gain

Practice makes perfect — Berlatih menjadikan kita mahir

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