More Verbal Idioms.

15 Sep

Please find below more Verbal Idioms to enrich your vocabularies:

  • FIND OUT: discover  — Erin just found out that her ancestors had come from Scotland, not Ireland.
  • GET BY: manage to survive  — Despite the high cost of living, we will get by  on my salary.
  • GET THROUGH: (a) finish  — Jerry called for an earlier appointment because he got through  with his project sooner than he had expected.  (b) manage to communicate. — It is difficult  to get through to someone who doesn’t understand your language.
  • GET UP: arise.  — Pete usually  gets up  early in the morning, but this morning he overslept.  (b) organize. — Paul is trying to get up a group of  square dancers to go to Switzerland.
  • GIVE UP:  stop, cease — Helen gave up working for the company because she felt that the employees were not treated fairly.
  • GO ALONG WITH: agree. — Mr. Robbins always goes along with anything his employer wants to do.
  • HOLD ON TO: grasp, maintain. — Despite moving to the Western world, Mariko held on to her Oriental wlays.
  • HOLD UP: (a) rob at gunpoint. — The convenience store was held up last night. (b) endure or withstand pressure or use. — Mrs. Jones held up very well after her husband’s death. (c) stop. — Last night’s freeway traffic held up rush hour traffic for two hours.
  • KEEP ON: continue. — I keep on urging Rita to practice the violin, but she doesn’t  heed my advice.
  • LOOK AFTER: care for. — After my aunt had died, her lawyer looked after my uncle’s financial affairs.
  • LOOK INTO: investigate. — Lynnette is looking into the possibility of opening a drugstore in Dallas as well as in Fort Worth.


YOUR TASK: Please change the underlined words to incorporate two-word verbs (verbal idioms).  Make all necessary tense changes.  Look at the Example:

  • The senator raised the question of the treaty negotiations.
  • The Senator brought up  the question of the treaty negotiations.
  1. Louis doesn’t like peas unless they’re mixed in with something else.
  2. Because of the shortage of funds, we will have to eliminate all extracurricular activities.
  3. Many teenagers quit school before graduation and regret it later.
  4. Mike and Mary Ellen will be very happy when they finish writting their book.
  5. Marsha was so upset by her fiance’s disloyalty that she ended their engagement.



Try your efforts


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