More about Simple Present Tense.

11 Sep

I have shared with you on one of my posts about Simple Present Tense.  I understand that most of you will have the opinion that TENSES are not really need to be studied. OK, I agree with you, but what will happen if we meet someone and try to communicate with them about something’s happened in the past. So at least we have to study a little bit about TENSES.

Let’s discuss further about Simple Present Tense: This tense is usually NOT USED to indicate present time.  However, it is used to indicate present time (now) with the following stative verbs:

  • know/believe/hear/see/smell/wish
  • understand/hate/love/like/want/sound
  • have/need/appear/seem/taste/own

The verbs listed above are almost NEVER USED in the present or past progressive (continuous), although it is possible in some cases.

Simple Present  —is used to indicate a regular or habitual action:

  • John walkS to school every day.
  • Henry always swimS in the evening.
  • Mark usually walkS to school.

Note: Those sentences are indicating some habitual actions.

Some examples of sentences with STATIVE VERBS.

  • They understand the problem NOW (understand – stative verb), you cannot say: They are understanding the problem NOW).
  • We want to leave NOW (stative verb).
  • The coffee tastes  delicious (stative verb).
  • Your cough sound bad. (stative verb).

Some more coming about TENSES………..

h   a   v   e     f   u   n


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2 responses to “More about Simple Present Tense.

  1. melly

    September 12, 2011 at 8:42 am

    Bundaaa…aku gak bisa berbahasa inggris 🙂
    salam kenal ya bunda..

    • ycancerina

      September 12, 2011 at 10:10 am

      Melly, bunda juga gak bisa berbahasa Inggris tapi bunda belajar dan belajar sampe tua, heheheheheh……dan supaya bunda gak cepet “pikun” bunda bikin deh blog ini, pdhal pengelolaan blog masih awam banget. Maju teruuuusss pantang mundur.


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