What is a noun phrase?

03 Sep

I apologize for being absent for some days because of my hectic days preparing anything for Idul Fitri.  Any Moslem celebrates that big Moslem holiday. Please accept my apology on this holy Idul Fitri 1432H. Hope I can stay on this blog until the forthcoming Idul Fitri 1433H. Amen.

Let me try to share with you what I have learned and understood about noun phrase from Cliffs Notes.

First of all you have to bear in mind that the best method of improving your use of English grammar is to study the formulas and sample sentences. Please note that every sentence in English must have a subject. Normal sentence pattern in English:





John and I




a pizza

“noun phrase”

last night

last week

The subject may be a single noun:

  • Coffee is delicious.
  • Milk contains calcium.

The subject may be a noun phrase. A noun phrase is a group of words ending with a noun. It can contain determiners (the, a, this, etc.), adjectives, adverbs, and nouns, but it CANNOT begin with a preposition.

  • The book  is on the table.
  • That new, red car is John’s.
  • We girls are not going to that movie.
  • The chemistry professor cancelled class today.
  • He runs very quickly

NOTE: Remember that both subjects and complements are generally noun phrases.

By reading the above mentioned explanations, I do hope those readers can easily understand and grab what noun phrase is.



h  a  v  e    f  u  n



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