Present Simple (Present Tense)

29 Aug

Hi guys,

In my previous posting I did mention something about who am I. I am not an English teacher or an expert in English language. The reason for creating this blog is because I love English and I have an eagerness to keep my brain working as always by sharing what I have on my mind with you as well.

Even though what I am going to share with you is about tense  — Present Simple  —  it doesn’t mean that you have to master tenses first to start with your spoken English. In a real conversation, actually, tenses are not so important — as long as people can understand you  — it’s enough.  While in written English, absolutely, you have at least to master a bit about tenses.

Look at the example of some sentences below: (An excerption from Kernell Lessons Students’ Book, by Robert O’Neill/Roy Kingsbury/Tony Yeadon)

Julia Frost works in a large office.  Work starts at 9 but she often gets there late.  She is five minutes late today.  It is 5 past 9 (09.05). Two typists are talking about her.

“Does the manager know she often comes late?”

“No, he doesn’t.  He often comes late too.!”

Please pay attention to the following explanations:

  • Julia Frost workS (an S added to the verb because Julia is the 3rd personal singular)
  • Work startS (an S also added to the verb because you could change “work” with “it”. (he/she/it = 3rd person singular).
  • She IS five minutes late today. (IS=identified Present Simple for the 3rd personal singular).
  • It IS 5 past 9 — (IS idenfied Present Simple)
  • Two typists ARE talking about her. (ARE — plural form of  TO BE (two typistS).
  • After the words NEVER/OFTEN/ALWAYS verbs for the 3rd person singular needs to be added by S in Present Simple. (Does the manager know she OFTEN comeS late?”)
Read aloud the following part to get your ear familiar with your voice.  You can give comment to your voice — do you like to hear your own voice? If not then repeat it again and again until you are satisfied with your way of reading the sentences and you will find yourself/selves simultaneously familiar with Present Simple:
Tom Atkins wantS to marry Fran’s daughter, Susan.
“What do you do?” Frank wantS to know.
“I’m a teacher, I teach languages.”
“Do you really love my daugher?”
“Yes, I do.  I love her and she loveS me. We want to get married!”.
If you feel you need to practice your spoken English,
you are welcome to call me
on 0813 856 49 658 
Let’s practice our English. No harm to try.
h  a  v  e     f  u  n
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