Words – And Their Functions (Part 5 – ADVERBS)

26 Aug

Hi guys, please be informed that studying “words and their functions” is one of the important things to do.  Without knowing them it will create problems to you in building any sentence. Please bear in mind the using of them. Hereunder I will share with you what I have read and learned about Adverbs (collated at random  from Ruth Colman’s Note / Living English Structure) . Their functions are telling us about how, when , where and why  a thing is done.  You’d expect, therefore, to find adverbs connected to verbs. They are mostly are, not always alongside, but still connected.

The normal position of adverbs usually is at the end of a sentence,  in the order Manner,  Place, Time.

He spoke well (manner) at the debate  (place) this morning. (time).

There are adverbs of Manner, Place, Time, Degree:

Adverbs of manner: e.g. wisely, happily, honestly, well, fast, hard. (showing about HOW)

  • She locked the medicine chest wisely
  • Don’t hit it hard
  • Well done!
There are comparative and superlative forms for adverbs of manner:
  • wisely/more wisely/most wisely
  • happily/more happily/most happily
  • effectively/more effectively/most effectively
Exceptional: well/better/best.
Adverbs of Place: here, there, down, somewhere, in the meeting room, in Bandung, etc. (showing about WHERE)
  • John fell down and broke his glasses
  • He will be here in a minute.
  • Put all the boxes here.

Adverbs of time: e.g. yesterday, then, later, frequently. (showing about WHEN)

  • Can you come later?
  • He came to my house yesterday
  • She was born in 1939
Adverbs of degree:  e.g.quite, almost very.(showing about HOW)
  • We’re almost ready
  • What a quite room
  • He is very cool.
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