Reading Materials –THE MAN WHO ESCAPED — Episode I

26 Aug

As I promised earlier on my previous posting, I am going to give you some reading materials to make you more familiar to identify PREPOSITIONS and to enrich your vocabularies as well. (Excerption(s) from Students’ Book KERNEL LESSONS  by ROBERT O’NEILL/ROY KINGSBURY/TONY YEADON, EUROCENTRE, LONGMAN).


Edward Coke used to be an army officer, but he is in prison now.  Everyday is exactly the same for him.

It is winter now and Coke and all lthe other men get up at six, when it is still cold and dark. They have breakfast at six thirty. Work begins at seven thirty. Some of the men work in the prison factory, where they make mail-bags, but Coke often works in the fields outside.

The men have lunch at twelve.  Lunch lasts an hour and then the men go back to work again.  Dinner is at six.  Coke usually goes to the prison library after dinner and reads until 09.30.  The lights go out at ten.

The day is long, hard, and boring and every man has a lot of time to think. They usually think about why they are there. Coke does.  He always thinks about two men.

One of the is called Eric Masters. He used to be an army officer, just like Coke. Coke knows that Masters has a lot of money now. The second man’s name is Hugo.  That is all Coke knows about him. Masters knows where and who Hugo is, but Coke doesn’t.

Every night Coke lies in bed and thinks about Eric Masters and Hugo. There is another thing he thinks about, too. Escaping. He wants to escape and find Masters, and then the other man. Coke is in prison for something he did not do.

Note: by reading the story several times you will have the instict on how and when to use prepositions.  That’s why I recommend you to take my advice to read the story more than once. 


h  a  v  e      f  u  n


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2 responses to “Reading Materials –THE MAN WHO ESCAPED — Episode I

  1. rull

    August 28, 2011 at 5:02 am

    its an interesting to read but one thing i dont understand. if coke doesn’t know who hugo is, why should he always think about him ???

    • ycancerina

      August 29, 2011 at 6:37 am

      Dear Rull, your query: why did Coke always think about Hugo. Well, on 2nd para it’s mentioned that Coke knows why he’s in jail. (it’s absolutely because of the two men on his mind (Eric Masters & Hugo). Furthermore .as you can read from the story – Coke doesn’t know Hugo personally, but only knows him by name (see 3rd para of the story). That’s why to find Hugo he has to find Eric Masters first.. (see last para). Thank you for visiting my blog.


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