An Intermezzo

19 Aug

Studying hard is good but studying too hard is not good for you.  In here I will give you an excerpt from a book entitled Practice and Progress by L.G. Alexander  — New Concept English as an Intermezzo

It has also been excerpted by one of BBIS members few months ago on BBIS wall.  Just relax and read the story.


Last week I went to the theatre.  I had a very good seat.  The play was very interesting.  I did not

enjoy it.  A young man and a young woman were sitting behind me.  They were talking loudly.  I got

very angry.  I could not hear the actors.  I turned round.  I looked at the man and the woman

angrily.  They did not pay any attention.  In the end, I could not bear it.  I turned round again.

 “I can’t hear a word!” I said angrily.

“It’s none of lyour business,” the young man said rudely.

“This is a private conversation!”.


Did you get the idea of the story.


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