Words — And Their Functions (Pronouns — Exercises)

18 Aug

I hope I haven’t gone too far  with all the expressions about the English Words – And their Functions.  I  hope  you do still have an eagerness to follow the lessons & exercises given by me through this blog, especially to all my online students, whom are still following the lessons.  You have to bear in mind that “Learning or studying English”  is not  as easy as clapping our hands.  You have to like it.  You have to fall in love with it.  You have to encourage yourselves to read aloud any exercises given to you.  You have to do exercises and drills as often as possible.

After going through the lesson(s) provided earlier,  you can start with doing some exercises based on what you have read and understood about how to deal with PRONOUNS or POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS. As I have told you that I am still a newbie in the system (WordPress), so I still have to find the way how to simplify my work to correct your tasks.  Temporarily just do the exercises and send them to my INBOX MESSAGE.  

Choose the correct form of the pronoun or possessive adjective in the following sentences:

  1. I go to school with (he/him) every day.
  2. I see (she/her/herself) at the Union every Friday.
  3. She speaks to (we/us/ourselves) every morning
  4. Isn’t (she/her) a nice person?
  5. (He/Him) is going to New York on vacation.
  6. (She/Her) and John gave the money to the boy.
  7. (Yours/Your) record is scratched and (my/mine) is too.
  8. I hurt (my/mine/the)leg.
  9. John bought (himself/herself/hisself) a new coat.
  10. (We/Us) girls are going camping over the weekend.
  11. Mr. Jones cut (hisself/himself) shaving.
  12. We like (our/ours) new car very much.
  13. The dog bit (she/her) on the leg.
  14. John (he/himself) went to the meeting.
  15. You’ll stick (you/your/yourself) with the pins if you are not carful.
Additional task:  Make at least  3 (three)  sentences of  the same with your own words.

H a v e    f u n!!

SOURCE: Cliffs Notes

(by Michael A.Pyle, M.A./Mary Ellen Munoz, M.A./Series Editor:Jerry Bobrow, Ph.D.)

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