Words — And Their Functions (Part 1 — NOUNS)

16 Aug

Hi reader(s) of  my blog……..good morning.

This blog is prepared for either  beginners  or those who are good in understanding English.  I did on purpose writing all expressions in English.  But if  it so required,  I’d be glad to do it in bahasa.

I’m sure all of you know that WORDS are classified according to the work they do.  Look  at the following order:

Nouns  —  the names of things

Pronouns  —   the he, me, them words

Verbs  —  the action words

Adjectives  —  the describing words

Adverbs  —  the how, when, where  words

Prepositions  —  a.o. the to, in, at words


Now some expressions of those mentioned above:

NOUNS  — A noun is the name of something: a thing or a person or a place, or even a feeling or a state of mind, such as “house, Jane, happiness, pencils, Paris”,  etc.

There are four kinds of nouns:

  1. Common nouns  —  are the names of ordinary things wee can see and touch: e.g.  house, chicken, banana, boy, town.
  2. Proper nouns  —  are the names of particular or special things or persons or places  — they should have an initial capital: e.g. Bandung, Johnny, Idul Fitri, January.
  3. Collective nouns  — are names for groups of things or people:, class, group, public, team.
  4. Abstract nouns  — are the names of things we can’t touch or put it somewhere : usually we use these ones without putting any definite/indefinite articles “a”, “an” or “the”: e.g. pain, pleasure, sunshine, kindness, beauty.
Note: after reading this article please re-read them aloud several times until  you understand and familiar with the four kind of nouns.
Trust me English is fun.
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