What Is Sentences?

14 Aug

Hereunder I am going to pick out a small portion of  Ruth Colman’s book entitled: The briefest English Grammar Ever! — For English speakers who didn’t learn grammar at school. (Ruth Colman grew up in a northern Sydney beach suburb and attended state schools. She did a colourful BA at the University of Sydney.  She taught English at secondary schools in Australia and South-east Asia for about ten years, but finally got sidetracked into editorial work).

Sentences are groups of words that make complete sense.  When you give me a sentence I know you have told me or asked me something complete.

Sentences can be short:

  • Susan lives there.
  • Where are you going?

or longer

  • I have to keep my brain in an active way by teaching people, who needs my help to overcome their discouragement in spoken English.

Sentences can be statements:

  • John hasn’t paid his rent for two months.
  • All these toys were made by Uncle Joe.

or questions:

  • Are you well?
  • Have they finished painting the house?

or commands:

  • Come to the office at ten.
  • Stop!

YOUR TASK:  Make sentences with your own words for some types mentioned above. (2 sentences each please).


Note: I am a newbie on this blogging things,  I still have to find out what is the simplest way to correct exercises done by you. Temporarily you can send them via my INBOX MESSAGE in Facebook such as the following:

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