Let’s Practice Our English

14 Aug

Regarding with my previous article entitled How Important Is English For You  — I have to say that it depends on you. You are the one who has to make a decision, not me, not anybody else but you.

Learning a language is, in some way like learning how to fly or play the piano.  There are important differences (to fly and to play), but there is a very important similarity (to practice). It is this:  learning how to do such things need lots of practice.  It is never enough simply to “know” something.  You must be able to “do” things with what you know. For example, it is not enough simply to read a book on how to fly an aeroplane.  A book can give you lots of information about how to fly, but if you only read a book and then try to fly without a great deal of practice first, you will crash and kill yourself.  The same is true of playing the piano. Do you think it is enough simply to read a book about if? Can you play the piano without having lots of practice first? Of course you can’t do it. So the same does with English. You have to practice it.

Speaking about practicing our English, I am sure all of you (including the beginners) recognize many words in English, so why don’t you practice in using them in sentence(s) or directly  speak with your friends, or if you do not have any encouragement yet to speak to other people then speak in front of the mirror, to yourself.  Come on, do not laugh at me because of my giving you this suggestion. Many other alternatives that you can do to practice your English. You can sing your favourite song and learn the lyrics by heart, bit by bit. You’ll enjoy it. Trust me. You can watch any movie on TV and imitate the way they talk, the way they act (body language).  Imitating is also one of  the important keys to practice English.

So far I am not going to give you any exercise yet. 

C u on my next article.

Note: I am a newbie on this blogging things,  I still have to find out what is the simplest way to correct exercises done by you. Temporarily you can send them via my INBOX MESSAGE in Facebook such as the following:

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